How is WDB Unique?


Yield from the Dirhams purchased through an innovative profit sharing plan. This innovative plan is unique, as Dirhams or silver has always been seen as a hedge against inflation and a good capital preservation investment. With WDB, you can now have BOTH.


Option to leverage on additional Dirhams through a finance company to MAXIMISE your accumulation of Dirhams. All Dirhams bought through financing will also earn you profit share as long as you qualify.


1World Dirhams are sold at MARKET PRICES and are within the same price range as similar Dirhams produced and sold in Malaysia.

Why Silver?

The World is running out of silver and is getting more rare than gold. The 'laws of supply and demand' dictates that silver could be more expensive than gold.

Robert Kiyosaki, the best selling author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books shows us why "saving your currency" means 'losing your money".